Try-outs August 2020 CANCELLED

Postet av Fotball den 27. Aug 2020

Unfortunately due to the COVID-situation, there is no way for OSI Football to arrange try-outs this fall in a safe way for all the new students that want to try out for our club. Therefore the planned try-outs this fall has been cancelled. This is extremely unfortunate, since we want OSI Football to a place for new students to make new friendships and play the sport we all love. 

We hope that we can arrange try-outs again in January, and hope to see you all there! 

Best regards,

The board of OSI Football.

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Postet av Fotball den 13. Des 2019


Kjære student, 

Du har meldt deg på prøvespill i OSI fotball for våren 2020. 

Vi har fått inn veldig mange søknader om prøvespill, noe vi er veldig glade for! Det er gøy at så mange vil spille fotball i OSI. 

For at så mange som mulig skal få muligheten til å prøvespille for klubben vår, har vi derfor laget en facebook-gruppe som dere må be om å få tilgang til. Det er viktig at du melder deg inn i denne gruppen, da dette er eneste sted hvor informasjon om prøvespill vil bli gitt. Her ligger det informasjon om hvordan prøvetreningene blir avholdt, tid og sted. 


Bli medlem av facebook-gruppen via denne linken: (


Vi håper å se deg på prøvetrening for OSI Fotball. 



Styret, OSI Fotball.



Dear student,

You have signed up for try-outs for OSI Football, spring 2020.

We have received a large number of applications for try-outs this spring, which makes us very happy. 

We take it as a huge compliment that so many students want to be a part of and play football for our club. 


In order for everyone to try-out for OSI football, we have created a closed Facebook-group, that you must apply to become a member of. As soon as you have applied, we will accept you for this group. It is very important that you join this group, as this is the only platform where we will give information regarding the try-outs. Information about how the try-outs will be held, when and where it will be held, will be given here. 


Apply for membership for this group using this link: (


We hope to see you at try-out.


Best regards,

The board, OSI Football. 

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Registration for August try-outs CLOSED

Postet av Fotball den 26. Aug 2019

The registration for try-outs is now closed. This since the try-outs now have started, as well as a record high in number of registrations. We obviously want as many as possible of those who registered to join our teams. 

For those of you who didn't make the registration, please try again in January. The registration for this try-out opens in November/December. 

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Information about prices etc.

Postet av Fotball den 21. Aug 2019

As many are wondering about the costs of playing in OSI, we have now made an overview of the different costs. The total price will depend on which team you are playing for, but an example of a player playing for H1 or D1 is made. The overview can be found here ( ). 

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Try-outs are held in weeks 35 and 36.

Postet av Fotball den 13. Aug 2019

The try-outs for OSI football will be held in weeks 35 and 36, that is from August 26. to September 8. 

Please register using the registration form ( ) and the sooner you do it the better. 

You should receive an email from the team-responsible of at least one of the teams you have applied for. 

After these two weeks, the try-outs are closed and the next possibility for joining OSI Football will be in January 2020. 

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